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Hide and go chat

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While Hjde has since jumped on board the filters and Stories train, Snapchat still stands out as the OG app to send fun photo and video streaks to your friends that disappear after they've been viewed. However, even though individual messages vanish after they're seen by the recipient, your feed still keeps a record of the last people you chatted with listed by date.

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Learn more about managing your notifications. Leave a group text on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Learn how to mute the notifications from a group text or leave the conversation in the Messages app.

How to leave a group text Go to the group text message that you want to leave. Tap the top of the conversation.

How to hide whatsapp chat messages in android and iphone

How to mute your messages Go to the group text message. Tap the top of the conversation, then tap the Info button. One other option is also to "block" the person, which you can do in the same menu.

Once you block them, their conversation will automatically disappear from your feed. Just know that they won't be able to see your Story or send your Snaps or Chats.

You can also choose to go back and unblock them at any time. Anv though the person will no longer show up on your feed, you should know that doing this won't delete any saved messaged or messages that have already been sent in your conversation, so that's something to keep in mind. However, if you did send something accidentally or you're having regrets about sending something, Snapchat does give you the option to delete it if the other person hasn't seen it yet.

To delete a text, photo, or video, all you have to do is press and hold on the message you sent, and a message should pop-up confirming that you'd like to delete it.

Hiding your existing chat provider

Typically, you want to avoid trapping yourself in a room that isn't easily escapable. But some hiding spots are so good that it's sometimes worth the risk if you're fast enough to run out the door, even if the Imposter walks into the room.

Changing your name to be completely blank makes your armless astronaut much stealthier. Names can appear in players' field of view before the character model. You can't simply spam the spacebar to get a blank name, so it takes a bit of trickery to make it happen. To a game with an invisible name, you have to copy a special character known as a Hangul Fillerwhich might look like just a blank space but is actually an acceptable name for Among Us ' code.

You'll ane to paste the Hangul Filler into the game's text box and then hit Done or Enter. Different websites respond in various ways to the code.

Here's nide it looks like on our end:. Instead of rejecting the name like it does when you hit the spacebar, by pasting the above code into your game, Among Hkde should allow you to enter a lobby with what appears to be no name at all. You can enter a Freeplay instance to test if it worked then start up a game of Hide and Seek and go ghost mode without dying.