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Hack chat

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Hack chat

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Crate Source Builds Feature flags.

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Can be used to check IP limit. Arguments: None.

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Arguments: text String timeUnix Time. Arguments: timeUnix Time.

Will contain an array of users. Arguments: nicks String[] timeUnix Time.

Arguments: nick String timeUnix Time. Arguments: exception any Current Tags 1. Session events with the exception that the session where it hcat emitted from is the first argument.

Description: Emitted when any info event occurs. Will also trigger if it gets handled. Description: Emitted when any warn event occurs.

Description: Emitted when server is sending IP ratelimit warning. Will cancel regular warn event.

Description: Emitted when admin is banning the user. Description: Emitted when nickname hadk to with is invalid "! Install npm i hack-chat Downlo Weekly Downlo 1.

Version 1. MIT.

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