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But in the a gift of his Son hath God prepared a more b excellent way; and it is by faith that it hath been fulfilled. Behold, thou hast not made us mighty in b writing like unto the brother of Jared, for thou madest him that the things which he c wrote were mighty even as thou art, unto the overpowering of man to read them. I b give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my c grace is sufficient for all men that d humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make e weak things become strong unto them. And if he had not had faith it would not have moved; wherefore thou workest after men have faith.

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After you register, log-in to update your agenda as often as you would like. Skip. As a teacher, you definitely have a heart of gold. And, in this fun-filled, inspiring, and entertaining keynote, you'll see exactly what that teacher H. Jessica to explore the good, the bad, and the wonderful sides of teaching and to remember the everlasting impact you truly have in this profession. No problem! Katie invites you to meet those standards using picture books your students already love.

Have a fun time in this session while recalling your favorite books and leave with a list of new mentor texts to add to your collection. No worries. Shannon focuses on the resources and skills you need to get support for your classroom without digging into your own pocket! Feel free to bring your own laptop or other device. Roll up your sleeves and experience hands-on behavior management tools that ensure your classroom management is efficient and successful.

Explore seasonal behavior management incentives for redirecting even your most reluctant learners. Get excited about different ways to keep your kids on top of their game.

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And, find out how to encourage your first graders to engage in self-control when it's the hardest. Always spending your own money on your classroom? Get ready to learn how to create a complete collection of hands-on, engaging, and affordable literacy centers.

In this session, discover tips and tricks to help you save money while developing exciting centers for your students. Leave with no-prep templates, updated ideas for your current centers, and new ideas for your future centers. Saving money has never been so fun! Why play games to advance your students' sense development?

Katie shares the research supporting the use of games to meet all math standards and objectives. Then, she launches into how to set up work stations, partnerships, displays, and small-groups. Leave with the why and how of work stations as well as a plan to ensure your implementation success. Llve up student writing by implementing Shannon's tips, tricks, and lesson ideas across all genres of writing!

Texas conference for first grade teachers - sessions | online registration by cvent

She shares how to equip your first graders with the necessary skills to be lifelong writers. From exciting research to personal narratives, gain ideas for keeping your students engaged in writing all year long. Gear up to get the most out of your day! Learn how to set up and manage literacy and math centers so that students can successfully work independently on the standards while you are conducting small-groups.

Cara shares ideas for what to include in stations as well as how to manage the kids AND the stations so that everyone gets the most out of their day!

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Create a hands-on, problem-solving, de-and-create type of classroom your children want and need—while meeting the standards. In this interactive session, Jessica presents lvoe, tips, and tools to incorporate into activities that ensure your students feel like successful engineers and real-world problem solvers. Discover the different components of comprehension and learn how to engage your students in activities that build this foundational reading skill.

Explore classroom-tested activities to increase reading comprehension in both whole-group and oved settings.

This session is packed with quick, take-away ideas to help you implement this reading strategy in your classroom. Why reinvent the wheel? Your students could be learning from the best authors that engage them every single day. Understand what's wrong with focusing on volume. And, hone in on the craft of writing and how to turn it into a wonderful foundation for your young writers. First graders who struggle with basic addition and subtraction facts are likely to continue to struggle throughout their math careers.

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In this session, gather new and fun ways to get your students to master their basic facts. Stock up on ideas for daily lessons and small-groups, printables, games, and more!

Help your learners catch up, keep up, and get ahead with tips and tricks that build their math fact confidence and understanding! How can you use one story to reach and meet the needs of all your first graders and encourage their growth? Come Shannon to collect tips, tricks, and ideas on how to enrich your read-alouds to maximize the learning of all students. From building schema for ESL students and challenging critical thinking, to taking a book cross-curricular, these strategies will re-energize you and prepare you to address diverse needs in your read-alouds.

Infuse your learning environment with a love of reading through classroom libraries, read-alouds, and book talks. Forget the online tests, treasure boxes, and rallies. With Katie's proven practices, your students will beg for five more minutes or one more chapter! Talk about quick —these strategies will start working the very first day.

The school day is short and there is so much to teach! Cara as she reveals her tips for engaging your students in meaningful, hands-on content in science, loce, engineering, art, and math across your instructional day.

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Learn how to lov STEAM activities and challenges and leave with ideas for implementing instruction guaranteed to motivate, inspire, and empower your little engineers! Small-groups and rotations can be a challenge. This session will leave you with the confidence and resources to help you manage both in your classroom. Whether you teach reading in small-groups, math in tlk, or both, your small-groups will be on-task and engaged, allowing you to devote your full attention to students.

Practice these transition strategies and management procedures and your students will easily master small-groups and rotations! The new TEKS call for students to be able to identify and write sight words. This requires continued practice in whole-group and stations. We all spend so much time with our noses to the grindstone that we rarely have a chance to assess our own happiness. Start your day with some great ideas for brightening up the work day.

Melissa shares wonderfully useful management, thinking, and working tips that you can use every day of the week to help lighten your load and put FUN back into your teaching. Come learn how to ease your stress, save time—and put a smile on your face!

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Discover how to use classroom-proven anchor activities to support your first graders at their ability levels. Get tips for connecting these activities to your current instruction, using materials you already have, and saving precious time. Plus, explore the differentiation possibilities that anchor activities provide. Please bring scissors and a glue stick. Discover writing mini-lessons to use every month of the school year!

Reagan presents standards-aligned, monthly writing mini-lessons all your students can connect with—no matter what their writing level and ability. Keep morale high with engaging topics that foster growth, inspire young writers, and keep the learning momentum going all year long.

Equip your young learners with the sight word skills they need to be successful readers. Jessica shares tips and tricks for getting your students excited and confident about their reading. Leave with ideas, games, strategies, and more to lead your students to sight word mastery! Learn how to prepare students for the future by challenging their critical thinking and inviting them to be innovators.

Discover strategies for implementing and fully utilizing STEAM in your classroom with excitement that is contagious. Ovfr bring scissors and markers. Create a math block that ta,k student learning at the highest levels of thinking and engagement, no matter what variety of learners you have in your class! In this empowering and informative session, learn the components of guided math, see engaging samples of each component, and walk away with a day implementation guide.

Writing can be scary for our young fo. Help them ease into it with Jessica's collection of confidence-building tools. | the official website of the chicago bears

Gather new ideas and engaging activities for moving all levels of writers from worry to wonder. Beginning, intermediate, advanced writers—they'll ALL feel successful and learn to love writing!

Create a powerful Readers' Workshop in which every first grader develops strong independent reading skills. Learn how to set up an environment where readers thrive.

Explore how to hold your students able for their thinking during independent reading. And, leave with a format that'll make creating your own successful Readers' Workshop super simple. Lovee quit. I am not smart.

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Do these hopeless sayings ring a bell? Come Shannon to see how to create a classroom culture with a growth mindset. Learn about a variety of fresh activities, classroom management tools, and resources you can use all year. Leave prepared to inspire a class of students who persevere without fear! Stock up on new and effective ideas for supporting students in your classroom tapk behavior needs. Haley offers interventions proven to work with learners who struggle with meeting behavior expectations.

Minimize the daily challenges you face with Haley's many ideas and resources. They'll make ALL the difference! The new TEKS makes it clear: Students must become critical thinkers across a variety of genres in literature.

Shannon shows you how to create opportunities for every student to master and show their critical thinking abilities. From making inferences to identifying and retelling, these tips will ensure lve learners make critical thinking progress in no time!